Tube Depressor Overdrive

The Tube Depressor is a frequency specific overdrive that offers the widest versatility of tonal character from the minimal amount of controls. Its design allows the natural character of your instrument to shimmer through while adding crunch to the specific frequency bands you wish to drive. 

The traditional overdrive topology consists of an operational amplifier gain stage which is controlled by the gain or drive knob. The op amp has a pair of diodes setup in it's feedback path which act to subtly round off the top and bottom of the signal's waveform. This is then followed by another op amp that acts as a filter to get rid of the frequencies you don't want to hear which is controlled by the tone or filter knob.  The Tube Depressor combines these amplifier and filter op amp setups into one gain stage that drives a specific frequency band.

Instead of overdriving all frequencies and filtering out the unwanted ones, the Tube Depressor Overdrive applies drive to the treble and bass frequencies independently to the desired amount.